These terms of use apply to all TQS, Inc. digital products sold from this domain or on any partner sites. As a registered participant you will receive content containing copyright material and the content shall not be copied, printed, or redistributed without the express written consent of TQS Inc.

Customers shall not redistribute their online content.

Customers that allow others to access their content thru any other IP address than that of the purchasing party may be subject to being blocked from accessing content indefinitely.

If you do not comply with previous stipulations then there will be no refund. If you purchase incorrect content contact us before downloading your content.

If you would like to train another participant from your company, please contact our office at 412-968-9101 to register or they may register at:  www.tqsservices.com and they will receive their own personal training content and certification.

You can NOT purchase our content thru a third party that may claim to be affiliated with TQS Inc. You will only receive a certificate and be added to our database if you purchase online or directly from our site.

We have NO international affiliates. ”Ariel Camporeale” is NOT affiliated with TQS Inc. Foreign inquires contact us directly on the contact us page.

We reserve the right to change or update our terms and conditions at anytime without notification. All customers are responsible for reading and agreeing to terms of use immediately upon accessing www.tqsservices.com.

The customer is responsible for verifying their machine can access our online training. Please visit the following link to check if your system is a supported system. System Requirements Check


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