Remote Internal Auditing

A remote audit, also known as an e-audit, is exactly the same as an internal audit but using electronic means to remotely obtain audit objective evidence and evaluate process conformity. The principles are the same as an onsite internal audit.

How We Get Started

We will discuss the logistics and methodology with a key contact. We will discuss and plan the remote audit techniques and methodology that will be used to connect with the auditees.

There are several options for remote contact such as: Email, Google drive, Box, Microsoft Teams, Hangout, VPN etc. In addition, documents can be provided by sharing your desktop screen or via video conference using Skype, Zoom, etc., which is also used for interviews together with the phone. We will collectively determine the best media that suites your technology.

Conducting The Audit

As in a normal audit, we will provide an audit schedule of personnel to be interviewed and the time frames needed. We will collaborate with you to ensure personnel availability. We will conduct video conferences with the auditees to determine process knowledge or required process changes.

As in a normal audit, we will request, obtain and review procedures ahead of the audit. We will provide you with a list of records that will need to be provided.

Some of the quality system audit will require you to assist us to physically identify production and warehouse processes. We will request that you video or take photographs to record workstations, material staging areas, communication boards and storage facilities. As in a normal internal audit, we will submit an audit report and conduct a video conference to review results with your management team.

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