NQA-1 Overview and Internal Auditor Training

The NQA-1, 2018 Lead Auditor training is conducted by our NQA-1 Practice Leader and Lead Auditor. The course will provide you with a detailed review of 18 Quality System Criteria ASME NQA-1 (including the published Addenda), 10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA1, PART III, Subpart 3.1—”ANSI N45.2.23”. You will learn auditing techniques from our instructor’s 25+ years of Lead Auditor experience. You will be challenged to participate in class room exercises designed to sharpen your skills as an auditor. Once completed, you will receive a certificate of completion, satisfying the training requirements necessary to conduct NQA-1 audits. You will receive a course manual that includes NQA-1 requirements, examples of how organizations comply with the requirements, test case scenarios, and an internal audit checklist. Attendees who pass the exam at the completion of the training course will also receive a certificate which will indicate that the examination requirement necessary to evaluate the comprehension and application of the required body of knowledge has been satisfied.

Training Curriculum:


Standard Review of trends in the Nuclear Industry NRC Regulations codes and Standards. Background and ownership of standards Application of standards—where/when does each of the standard apply? Roles of Government, nuclear utilities, and vendors. NUPIC—Nuclear Utilities Procurement Issues Committee NIAC—Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee. The seven daughter standards

A detailed review of 18 Quality System Criteria ASME NQA-1 (including the published Addenda), 10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA-1, Part III, Subpart 3.1 – “ANSI N45.2.23” Our instructor will provide a detailed explanation of each of the elements. Examples of objective evidence to demonstrate compliance with each of the elements. A standards comparison of ISO 9001, to ASME NQA-1, 2018. Commercial Products and the Dedication Process for the Nuclear Industry, 10CFR Part 21 non-conformance reporting process. ASME Nuclear Component Certification Program for obtaining an “N” Stamp. Links to quality resources will be provided.


Standard Review continued. Continued review of 18 Quality System Criteria ASME NQA-1, 2018 (including the published Addenda), 10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA-1, Part III, Subpart 3.1 – “ANSI N45.2.23”

DAY 3 

Internal Auditing to Nuclear Standards Morning Session – Attendees will learn: The audit steps necessary to conduct a thorough internal audit, from preparation through reporting. The responsibilities of an auditor. The techniques of auditing The tools commonly used for process auditing. The tips on how to audit for effectiveness including “value added” principles Afternoon Session – Participate in group workshops: To review and analyze case scenarios, To identify and document nonconformities, To notate observations when concerns or potential nonconformities are perceived, To document recommendations for improvement and to present audit findings.


Lead Auditor Exam

Certificate of Training and Examination: Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a certificate satisfying 10CFR50 Appendix B, ASME NQA-1, 2018 and Part III, Subpart 3.1, training qualification and requalification guidelines for a Lead Auditor. A certificate of attendance will be provided to all attendees.

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