Onsite Internal Auditor Training

This two-day course is designed to prepare your staff to conduct internal audits to ISO quality, environmental or safety management standards. The course is designed for the participant with little or no auditing experience. Participants will learn the basics of auditing including the right questions to ask during an interview, proper interviewing techniques and the tools of auditing.

Participants will be made aware of their responsibilities as auditors and learn how to participate as an audit team member. Team exercises will be conducted to allow participants to practice their auditing techniques. Participants will be provided with case studies and asked to identify nonconformities. Individuals will learn how to assess the effectiveness and suitability of a quality management system.

Day One:

Introduction to Requirements

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, GMP, 13485, AS9100 Rev D and ISO/IEC 17025

Participate in an in-depth review of management system requirements
Learn ISO principles and how they apply to any business process
Be challenged to think beyond existing paradigms
Review examples of objective evidence that demonstrate compliance
Interpret, discuss and apply the Standard to specific findings and observations known as “Quick Hitters”

Day Two

Internal Auditing Techniques

Morning Session:

The audit steps necessary to conduct a thorough internal audit, from preparation through reporting
The responsibilities of an auditor
The techniques of auditing
The tools commonly used for process auditing
The tips on how to audit for effectiveness including “value added” principles

Afternoon Session:

Participants will be grouped to practice auditing skills. Engage in group workshops to test comprehension
Review and analyze case scenarios
Identify and document nonconformities
Learn how to document observations when concerns or potential nonconformities are observed
Learn how to identify and document recommendations for improvement
Practice presenting audit findings

Day Three

On-site Audit

TQS lead auditor will escort your auditing team through an on-site audit. Audit findings are documented, reviewed and presented to management.

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