How do you perceive your Quality Assurance role in your organization?  Is maintaining quality management system compliance your only focus?  If so, you are missing the boat!

Too often we get tied up in ensuring we comply with our quality management system and forget our main purpose – “Continuous improvement”.  Ensuring that all our documents are controlled and passing an audit without major findings is only a small part of our responsibility.

To be truly effective as a quality professional, we need to focus on the big picture.  Is our organization efficient, effective and is our cost of none quality in check? Do we have the right key performance metrics?  Is our management team engaged?  Are our employees engaged in continuous improvement?  This is truly our mission.  We need to facilitate change in our organization. This is not a simple task!  Do we see recurring similar failures?  Do we truly do a comprehensive root cause analysis when nonconformities occur? This is where the gravy is!

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