ISO 14001:2015 Project Management

Full management system procedure development and implementation. TQS starts the process with the identification and rating of significant environmental aspects and impacts. TQS will assist in the identification and implementation of environmental waste reduction programs .

Project management services include the following phases:

Phase I Gap Analysis

Define scope of system coverageIdentify gaps compared to the ISO 14001:2015 standardIdentify environmental impactsPerform significance ratingAssess resource requirementsDevelop an implementation planDefine cost improvement opportunities

Phase II Implementation

TQS and Client cross functional teams develop procedures and SOPsImplement pollution control programsDevelop and track system performance indicatorsConduct employee awareness trainingQualifying employees to EMS requirements

Phase III Preparation for Registration

Train internal auditorsConduct a full system internal auditConduct a management reviewPrepare the organization for the registration auditAssist in the registrar selection process

ISO 14001:2015 Pre-Assessment Audits

We determine your readiness for registration by performing a full system gap analysis. We provide a final report that highlights findings and recommendations for achieving compliance. We project the resources and time frame required to achieve registration. Our qualified Lead Auditors will identify the established systems and procedures that can be used to comply with the ISO requirements. The pre-assessment is a useful tool and first step in assessing your organizations readiness to undertake system registration.

Environmental Compliance Audits

A certified environmental professional will conduct a full EPA facility environmental compliance assessment. TQS will present a final report to management with findings and recommendations. The TQS Environmental Specialist will assist your facility to become compliant with environmental regulations and findings identified in the TQS assessment.

EPA Permit Development and Reporting

A TQS environmental specialist will identify those waste streams that require regular monitoring and reporting. TQS will submit permit reporting as required.

Monthly EPA Regulatory Compliance Review

Monthly, the TQS Environmental Specialist will review EPA regulations and assess any impacts to your facilities. Any changes in regulations and impacts will be communicated to you on a timely basis. The Environmental Specialist will also communicate if no changes have occurred.

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